Monday, August 21, 2006

Bed jump, game defeat and SNAKES

Had a dream the other night that someone had stolen something from me (can’t remember what) and I was in hot pursuit, running after the perpetrator. Although I was running after them our speed was perfectly matched and as such, I was neither catching up or loosing ground. However, I knew that I had it within me to give me an extra burst of speed, but something was holding me back. As I was desperate to retrieve my stolen item, I decided to break through this barrier and access this untapped speed and shot forward after the thief.

At this point I woke up as my face smashed into my bedside table after flinging myself out of bed in my sleep. I lay on the floor for a while, nursing my throbbing head while Roz got out of bed to see what the hell had happened.

The moral of this story? Be careful what you do in your dreams…

Films watched:
Snakes on a Plane

Does exactly like it says on the tin… Then again, maybe it should have been called “Samuel L Jackson vs Snakes on a Plane”.

This is B movie greatness at it’s best. A film which clearly isn’t a spoof, but at the same time, doesn’t take itself too seriously. Just a damn fun movie, and there’s nothing wrong with that at all.

What did surprise me was how gory it was. Think of just about any body part you can imagine (and I’m talking about ANY body part), well the snakes took a big damn bite out of everything in a very graphic manner. You really could not help but wince at times.

You can just see the sequel possibilities… Spiders on a Train?


Games played:
Okay I’ll admit it, I’m positively stuck on 2 games that I’m playing at the moment. The first of which is Advance Wars DS, which I’m replaying on hard campaign mode. I’m on the penultimate mission, which I’ve tried from the start at least a dozen times from the start with no success. I think that if I had stronger sea based CO’s I’d probably stand a better chance, but I’ve never relied upon sea based military units and this seems to be my downfall on this mission.

The other game is a tad more embarrassing. Roz bought Elliot a second hand copy of Finding Nemo for the PS2 and I’ve been playing through this with him. The only problem is, it’s so damn hard! This is a game for 3 years + and it has completely and utterly defeated me. I’m just so damn fed up with it… I’ve tried and I’ve tried but I’m incapable of following Bruce the shark through an underwater mine field!


Roz said...

1) I really think you over dramatized the bed incident, just a little :)

2) Maybe you should stop trying to help Elliot with Nemo? This does tickle me however.

steve said...

Re Snakes: At least they reinforced the traditional horror film rules - having sex, or getting your tackle out generally, ALWAYS leads to a gruesome, violent death. They never learn.