Thursday, August 27, 2009

Genetic Opera and Splitter

Film watched

Repo: The Genetic Opera

A modern stab at a Rocky Horror style musical that whilst stylish, lacks any charm and humour.


Also yesterday I got my hands on a HDMI splitter. I’m a little odd in that I get very excited about quality cables of any description and the back of my LCD is an absolute labyrinth of cables, made yet more complicated by this splitter. First of all, I managed to get for a bargain price from Amazon (£32.95) considering that other splitters I have seen have cost well over £100+, also it works well.

Now this is a splitter and not a HDMI switch, as such, it takes a single HDMI signal and splits this to two sources. This is most commonly used to split a signal so that it can be shown on 2 screens at the same time, I use mine a little differently.

Although I love my Amp, for some reason the HDMI signal from my PS3 sometime has issues, namely occasionally the screen will go blank or flicker. In addition it didn’t carry a full RGB signal and while I could compensate for this by adjusting the LCD to the correct brightness and contrast levels, it was still a little bit of a fiddle. As such, I have wired things up so that I have 1 HDMI cable which bypasses the amp and goes direct to the LCD and one which goes through the amp and then to the TV. As such, I can view both a perfect HD picture and listen to perfect HD audio at the same time now without any compromises.

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