Wednesday, February 20, 2008

MK Wii, Wii Fit and HD Fury

Well it looks like Both Mario Kart Wii and also Wii Fit have been given release dates in Europe… and what’s better is that they are out here before the US for once!

They are:
Wii Fit - 25 April 08
Mario Kart Wii – 11 April 08 !?!

I have to confess that I am seriously hyped about Mario Kart. I’m a huge fan of the Mario Kart series, every single one of them, even the much loathed (by some) Double Dash. So while Mario Kart on the Wii doesn’t look like much of a graphical improvement over Double Dash, I’m still looking forward to it, mainly for the online aspects of the game.

I’m also looking forward to Wii Fit, especially given my recent health scare, something like this is much needed to help boost my health further!

I just got my HD Fury converter through the post today. Up until now I have been forced to watch blu-ray via a converter box which converts component to VGA, which although good, did not have a great level of contrast and as a consequence dark scenes suffered. HD Fury converts HDMI to VGA and boy does it look good. I gave Ratatouille a quick go and the improvement is incredible.

For anyone out there with a HD compatible (but not HD ready) set, I cannot recommend this enough!

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