Friday, February 08, 2008

Atonement (should win!)

Film watched:


I’m going to break my 10 word rule with this one… Why?

Because a long last I’ve watched a film that bloody well deserves the Best Picture Oscar! Forget There will be Blood, forget Juno and for God’s sake please forget No Country for Old Men (I’m not even counting Michael Clayton)! This is the one that deserves to win by a frankly huge margin.

The crime here, is that it quite clearly won’t.

It is a film that clearly wears its heart on its sleeve. At times funny, clever and deeply moving. It is both expertly written and beautifully directed and without a doubt one of the best British films in decades.

I normally ignore the BAFTA’s. I’ll be quite honest, I’ve always thought of them as a cut down British centric Oscars (which they are), but at least Atonement looks like the likely winner at this ceremony. As such, I’ll likely be watching, just to see Atonements moment of glory.

Anyway… At least I have something to back come Oscar night.


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