Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Play safe now!

That’s right young lad, you must remember to play safe now, always remember that if things get a little too exciting, you know erm, a little hot a sweaty, a little errr energetic…You must always get ready to use protection.

Just slip your protection over your… well you know… then you’ll be sure not to have any accidents.

That’s right, if it wasn’t bad enough that the Wii was given the name “Wii” and the fact that the Wiimote looks every so phallic, Nintendo have now announced that every Wiimote purchased from the end of the month onwards will come together with a free condom (or the Wii remote jacket if you want to be precise). Yep, Nintendo have made the sleek design of the Wiimote now look totally stupid…

I present exhibit A:

You can even go to the Nintendo website and order these for free if you already have a Wii. Alternatively you could just be sensible with your Wiimote and NOT throw it across the room and save the embarrassment of turning your Wiimote into a dildo.

Alternatively, with the rumble on you get an instant vibrator...

NOOO... The images BURN my mind...

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