Friday, October 05, 2007

3:10, PS3 (budget) and Bungie split

Film watched:
3:10 to Yuma

A western just like the good old days. Very entertaining.

Well, the PS3 rumours have turned out to be true following the announcement today. Yep, now you can buy yourself a PS3 in 2 flavours as follows:

PS3 Value pack
60GB – just like the current console. 2 games (does not mention which) and one controller. All for £349.00. A saving of £75.00 – not too bad…

PS3 “entry level”
40GB. No games, only 2 USB slots (as opposed to 4), no memory card reader (no real loss), one controller and NO backwards compatibility with PS2 games. All for £299.00. Thankfully, this still keeps the Wifi…

The value pack would seem to hit the “sweet” spot of being just under £300, however the lack of backwards compatibility is a shame. I guess they’ve taken out the GS chip (PS2 graphics chip) as well as the emotion engine now, stopping even software emulation. Even still, these two price points will I’m sure, cause a large upsurge is sales, which can’t be a bad thing – especially if Sony adequately advertise the price drop.

Also, it turns out today that those other rumours are also true. Bungie have split from Microsoft.
Whilst this will mean that Bungie can now work on creating games for other consoles, this does not mean that Halo will be leaving Microsoft, as they still hold the rights to this.

All in all, an eventful day for gaming news…


Eeek... have just read this...

“Once stocks are exhausted the new 40GB model will be the only one available in the SCEE territories.”

So those 60GB models will be a rare comodity!

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