Monday, August 20, 2007

Barry and Joker

Films watched:
Barry Lyndon

Wooden performance by Ryan O’Neill spoils this Kubrick period drama.


There have been a few pictures from The Dark Knight which have found there way onto the internet of late… One I particular caught my attention. A much better image of The Joker has come to light. This is shown below:

I simply love the Joker as a character, but he can often be portrayed incorrectly, both in the comics and on film (I do not rank Nicolson’s Joker very highly). You have to hit the right note of utter and complete insanity to achieve true Jokerism (hey – I’ve invented a new word). The best to capture this outside of the comics was strangely enough Mark Hamill (yes –Luke Skywalker) during his run playing the character for The Batman Animated Series.

Anyway, the above photo gives me some hope that he may be portrayed well in The Dark Knight. After all, does there appear to be a shred of sanity in that face?

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