Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Perverted gaming and Oscar noms

I really wasn’t planning on putting this on my blog, but after speaking to a friend last night, he persuaded me to add the link…

Before looking, I must warn you, this is about as perverted and explicit I have ever seen a computer game go to. It makes Dead or Alive Volleyball look like a Carry on Film in comparison. Only in Japan could you possibly find something like this!

It's from a japanese game called Sexy Beach 3 (I guess there must have been 2 games before!) I'm guessing it's for the PC, but to be frank - I don't have a clue. Bear in mind that this is actual gameplay footage!

I’m warning you again, do not look if you are easily offended… Also, this is definitely NSFW!

Perverted gaming to the extreme!

I also stumbled upon another clip of the game that is much MUCH worse... That I will not put on this blog

Well, it’s that time of year again… Oscar nominations.

This year is a little unusual in that, in my opinion, there are no standout films. There’s also no particular film that I feel like I can rally behind, then again, at present of the best film nominations, I have only actually seen one of the films (The Departed). Maybe if I get the chance to watch a couple more before the big date, my opinion will change.

I’m a little disappointed that United 93 wasn’t nominated as Best film, as this was probably one of the most powerful films I saw from last year. Oh well!

I know it’s been said time and time again, but I really think that this year may be the year for Scorsese. While I may not have liked The Departed as much as I’d anticipated, it’s still a good film. Nowhere near as good as the likes of Taxi Driver or Goodfellas, but it’s about time that little Marty got his Oscar.

I’ll probably make my predictions in the coming weeks and post them here. I anticipate that I may not be as successful as previous years, but we’ll see…

Anyway, here is the list in full:


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