Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Little Miss and Ice Tea


I've have always, always, wanted to try ice tea... Don't know why, I just have.

Tried it for the first time tonight... The verdict???? Absolutely lovely... Does this make me odd? Or at least odder?

Film Watched:

Little Miss Sunshine.

This film will not win Best Picture.

It should, but it won't. That will more than likely go to The Departed.

Little Miss Sunshine, however, has to be the best film I have seen from last year out of Hollywood (Best film overall from last year would have to be Lady Vengeance). This is a touching, funny, smart and just damn enjoyable movie. What more can you ask for really?

At least I have something to support now in the Oscar race, even if it is the underdog, but what the hell, Crash won last year and nobody saw that one coming! Maybe, just maybe they'll give the Best Director nod to The Departed and look elsewhere for best Picture?


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