Thursday, November 30, 2006

Wii advert & Medusa

Just saw my first Wii advert on TV before (please bear in mind, I do not watch much TV). Only just over a week to go now. I’m a little concerned by the news of a huge demand for the Wii in Europe, but hopefully since I preordered early, I should get one on launch. Also I’m a little concerned that component cables may be hard to get hold of from day one. In America they are currently selling for $150+, Luckily I have 3 sets of cables preordered from 3 separate places – including Hong Kong (I was expecting high demand).

I really, really must play Zelda in all its 480p glory…

I really am very sad…

I really don’t care…

Film watched:
The Medusa Touch
A DVD that I got for my birthday and a great horror film from the late 70’s. I can’t believe it’s just a PG. I know that there’s next to no blood, sex or violence in the film, but jeez, it’s still a little scary!

What surprised me watching the DVD was the quality of the print… It’s fantastic. Taken from a newly remastered HD print, it’s better quality than most current DVD’s film in the last 2 years. Really rather spectacular.

I remember this film gave me nightmares after watching it when I was younger – hopefully the same won’t happen again tonight.


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