Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Writing and Bone Collector

It’s been bothering me recently that I haven’t done any writing (with the exception of my blog) for some time. My story “Cry of Xenotaph” has gotten almost a little too complex for its own good, and as such, has been left in limbo for a long time now.

I may try to knock out another very short story in the interim to try to kick start my writing again (in a similar fashion to when I wrote “One for Sorrow” during “Dance ‘til Dawn”). I have actually written the start and the end of a short story called “Swinging Dead”, which I may try to continue with. My real problem is that I’m great at beginnings, not bad with endings, it’s just the main content that I tend to struggle with…

Film watched:
The Bone Collector

I watched this on my parents (and sisters) recommendation. For some time they have been saying that it’s a really great film and as it was one that I missed when it was first released, I thought I should give it a go.

What a disappointment. What a generic, predictable and frankly stupid thriller. I just hate it when I figure out EXACTLY what is going to happen in a film, where the murderer is pretty damn obvious and every event has a predictable “Hollywood” outcome. I like films to surprise me, to get me thinking. This film did neither.


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