Sunday, September 17, 2006

Wii and Southampton

The Wii UK launch details we given out on Friday as follows:

December 8th at £179.99.

A touch later than expected and also a touch dearer, but hell, I’m just please it’s actually coming out before Christmas, unlike other manufacturers I could mention (*cough* Sony).

The games (both disk based and virtual console) are well priced and everything looks good for world domination…

Needless to say, I have mine pre-ordered and will be standing at the front of the queue come launch day (which I plan to book as holiday).

I know, I’m a very sad geek… But I don’t care!

The trip to Southampton went well this weekend. Roz’s tutorial (the reason for the trip) was good and she also managed to fill a hold-all full of shopping. Elliot enjoyed his first trip on a plane and his first journey on a train and overall was a very good boy for the day.

My feet didn’t half ache by the end of the day though!

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