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Most anticipated games of 2012

As there are only a couple of months left of 2011 (hasn’t it gone fast), and most of the games for the last quarter of 2011 are now know, I thought I’d take this opportunity to look towards 2012 and my most anticipated games (that are known at present) for next year.

This is all bearing in mind that the world does not end in 2012 of course!

Anyway, without further ado starting from 10 and going all the way up to 1:

10: Animal Crossing (3DS)

I really got into Animal Crossing when it came out on the Gamecube and also to a lesser extent when it came out on the DS. I never got around to playing the Wii version, but for some reason I’m really looking forward to the 3DS version of this series.

I’m hoping that they make good use of the internet community this time and also that Streetpass and Spotpass are used well with this game (where I can see a great deal of promise).

9: Nu Ni Kuni (PS3)

There is also another DS game in this series due out, but it is the PS3 game which I’m really looking forward to.

I love Studio Ghibli, and the thought of them teaming up with Level 5 (who I really like as developers) is just fantastic. The art style really makes this, in my opinion, quite simply the most gorgeous game on the PS3, and if Dragon Quest IX is anything to go by, I’m hoping that the JPRG gameplay also matches the visuals.

8: Fire Emblem (3DS)

I have never played a Fire Emblem game, and I think that it is about time that I do.

I love the other strategic game by Intelligent Systems, namely the Advance Wars series, but for some reason or another have never got around to picking up one of the Fire Emblem games, possibly because next to the Advance Wars games they have in the past looked a little dated.

7: Uncharted: Golden Abyss (PSV)

There is a strong possibility that I may buy myself a Playstation Vita and the main reason for this is Uncharted: Golden Abyss. Whilst I have my doubts that a handheld version of this game will reach the dizzy heights of the PS3 games, even if this almost as good as the console versions, that will be plenty good enough for me!

It’s just a bit of shame that there doesn’t appear to be an online component to this game, as I’ve come to really like Uncharted online of late.

6: Starhawk (PS3)

I was a big fan of Warhawk when it was released on the PS3, even to this day it is one of my favourite multiplayer experiences on the PS3. As such I’m also excited about the sequel.

Warhawk always played like an arcade version of Battlefield, and Starhawk looks like it will play in a similar style, except that there are now stages set in space, and the fact that you can also add buildings to the landscape in a semi-RTS fashion. There is also a single player game in there (something that Warhawk lacked), although I believe that it is likely that multiplayer will likely be the big draw.

5: Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright (3DS)

This was on my list from last year, and obviously did not make it out during the year (even in Japan). Here’s hoping that A: This is localised for Europe and B: This is released during 2012. Hopefully given the popularity of both characters and the fact that it topped the poll on Level 5’s website a few months ago for preferred games to be localised, will ensure that it is released.

I’m still not sure how they will mix the puzzle solving with the investigations and court room proceedings, but I have very high hopes.

4: Journey (PS3)

I was lucky enough to be part of the closed Beta for this (I was selected because I purchased both Flow and Flower on release – and also because of the playtime I put into each). I’ll also go on record stating that in my opinion Flower is the most remarkable indie/download only game that I have ever played. From my short time playing Journey, I believe that this could very well top Flower.

Journey has all of the wonder of Flower and also the sense of scale and isolation of Shadow of the Colossus. I say isolation, except for the fact that you are met on your journey by another online player, someone that you do not know, and never will know. Through the most basic of gestures you communicate with this other player and aid each other through the game.

My experiences with the Beta of Journey (which was for a very brief period), were simply magical. I can’t wait for the full release.

3: Bioshock Infinite (Multi)

I really enjoyed Bioshock when it was originally released on the PS3, and also enjoyed Bioshock 2 (which actually improved on the first game in a few area’s), but I was never a big fan of the System Shock series.

From what I have seen so far of Bioshock Infinite has great impressed me. I don’t think that it’ll deviate that much from the framework put down by the original Bioshock, and will also likely be a very linear game, but to be honest that’s fine by me, as what I have seen so far looks positively stunning!

2: Borderlands 2 (Multi)

I was a big fan of Borderlands when it was released and still believe that it has one of the most excellent co-operative experiences out there. Aside from a few issues that I had with the DLC, I loved pretty much every moment with this game, and played through it more than once. As such, I’m definitely looking forward to the sequel. So long as they can iron out a few of the kinks with the first game, this should be one of my absolute must have games of 2012.

1: The Last Guardian (PS3)

This was number 1 of my most anticipated games of 2010 and number 2 for 2011 (beaten by Uncharted 3). This year I’ve moved it back up to number 1 again in the hope that it eventually comes out at some stage during 2012 (surely it has to!)

I’ve also recently been playing both the HD remastered versions of both ICO and Shadow of the Colossus, which makes the yearning for this game all the greater!

Other games that I’m looking forward to, that didn’t quite make the list:

Resident Evil: Revelations (3DS)
Final Fantasy XIII-2 (Multi)
Tomb Raider (Multi)
Metal Gear Solid: Rising (Multi)
Paper Mario (3DS)
Luigi’s Mansion 2 (3DS)
Dragon Quest X (Wii/WiiU)
Gravity Rush (PSV)
The Last Story (Wii)
Mass Effect 3 (Multi)

There are of course also a number of unknown factors.

- Obviously there could be games coming out in 2012 that have not yet been announced yet, which will surpass those that I already have noted above.

- Next to nothing is known in relation to the WiiU in respect of the games that will come out on this (okay, maybe a few cross platform games are known but not exclusive games and specifically whatever Nintendo will be bringing to the console).

Finally, games that I’m looking forward to, where the release date is a big BIG, unknown:

Final Fantasy XIII Versus
Half Life 2: Episode 3 (although I still believe that they might just skip ahead to Half Life 3)
GTA V (It’s bound to happen)

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