Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Withnail, District and ipod

Films watched:

Withnail and I

An overrated British drama, with great characters but very little else.


District 9

A fantastic sci-fi film that flicks between mock documentary and action drama.


I also think that my ipod is aware that the Beatles back catalogue is due to be reissued tomorrow as remasters. The reason you ask? It’s because my ipod has chosen this point in time to start acting up. It now has trouble synching with our home PC and sometime tracks will skip, or freeze, sometime the battery indicator will show low (even when I’ve only recently charged it) and on occasion it just switches itself off. Admittedly it is now a good few years old and has been used on an almost daily basis, but still I don’t fancy the thought of having to buy a new one at the moment…

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