Thursday, May 15, 2008

No More Heroes

A few weeks ago during a conversation with a friend, he pointed out that I mainly enjoy franchise games, namely all the game I tend to buy are game which are part of a franchise.

This is such as:

Final Fantasy series
Metal Gear series
Mario series
Zelda series

Etc etc…

As such I took a look at the games that I was likely getting for the remainder of the year and found that the majority of these are sequels of some sort (the only exception being Little Big Planet and possibly Mirrors Edge)

Now I’d like to think that the reason that I like franchise games is that they are all genuinely good franchises, which do not churn out the same game again and again on a yearly basis (FIFA and Tony Hawk, I’m looking at you), but all the same it made me think that I should probably give something out of my comfort zone a little bit of a chance.

As such, I bought No More Heroes the other day (Amazon had it at a reasonable £21.00) and had a quick go of this last night. It is clearly bonkers… but then again I wouldn’t expect anything less from the creators of Killer 7. Unfortunately I haven’t got a great amount of time to play it much at present as I’m trying to make my way through GTA4 before the release of MGS4 on 12 June – but all the same, I plan to put aside some time to enjoy this oddly unique game.

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Sinbad said...

It does seem hard sometimes to actaully find a game that isn't a sequel, especially on the Wii where most of the best games are (as usual) by Nintendo, and almost exclusively frachise-based. NMH didn't really interest me that much, but I'm interested in Okami still, and Boom Blox looks fun. Except that incoming Rock Band, some existing unfinished games, and a good selection of titles later in the year may mean I don't get time to play them.

I've been really happy with how fresh my gaming experiences have been in the last 12 months, what with a back catalogue to catch up on on 360, some greats on PC like Bioshock and Portal, and XBLA injecting regular bouts of variation like N+, I feel spoiled. I have my eye on some sequels this year, although they're either games I haven't owned before (Smash Bros) or games I haven't played for many years (Fallout, Street Fighter). So much variety being available is why I skipped Mario Kart Wii and will probably skip Soul Calibur 4, they're just a little too recent in my memory. I've no idea if I'll even fit GTA4 in, and the last time I played one of those was in 2D on PC ;)