Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Guitar Hero, Metroid 3 and Joker

Managed to have a quick go of Guitar Hero down a friend’s house the other night. I must say that I’m very impressed. It took me a few goes to get into the flow of it, but once I did it was immense fun.

I very much doubt that I’ll buy it (I have plenty of games to keep me occupied at the moment, and there are more on the horizon), but I must say that I may be tempted by Guitar Hero III on either the Wii or PS3 in the future.

Nintendo gave release date info yesterday for America… Metroid Prime 3 is due out 20th August! No news yet for the European release date yet… but then again, we haven’t even got Super Paper Mario yet!

Lastly, after a very clever viral marketing campaign, the face of the Joker has been revealed for The Dark Knight…

Very different… Looks more like a demented serial killer than the “classic” Joker look, but then again this is in line with a grittier more realistic Batman. Overall I like it, he looks like the sort of person who’d give anyone nightmares – which is what we want from the Joker – not some stupid comical character.

Edit – The page has now been removed- take a look here:


If, however, you highlight the page, you will see hidden text… Hidden in the hidden text is also a message:

"See you in December."

Can’t wait :-)

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steve said...

Glad you enjoyed GH2 :) I was similarly surprised by just how much fun it was, given I already liked the look of it.

Joker looks pretty weird - should be interesting!

Hopefully Metroid won't have the same difficulty spikes as Prime, I was really enjoying it until I hit that brick wall and was too busy to persevere.