Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Girl and games

Film watched:
Girl Interrupted

Girlie substandard Cuckoos Nest. Redeemed slightly by a hot Angelina.


Games playing:
I’m currently playing Resistance: FOM (PS3), Final Fantasy XII (PS2) and Puzzle Quest. All excellent games.

Resistance I’m mainly playing online at the moment, whilst at times I do get slaughtered, I have on occasion won some free-for-all death match games. I mainly play team death match games, which are less frantic and a require a degree of teamwork.

Final Fantasy XII, it has to be said, is probably the best traditional Final Fantasy games (i.e. not including tactics) since Final Fantasy IX on the Playstation.

Lastly, Puzzle Quest is just so damn addictive. The only problem being that after it I tend to suffer “tetris eyes”, namely I keep on seeing falling coloured crystals.

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