Friday, February 23, 2007

PS3 gets gimped!

GREAT, this is just great.... That's sarcasm btw..

I sold my PS2 just over a week ago and now Sony announce that the PS3 backwards capabilities for the Euro model is software based rather than hardware based. As a result, the compatability is not as good as the US and Japan models. What's worse is that they won't tell you what won't run until AFTER the PS3 is released! This is just plain dumb.

Look here for the full details..

I've just purchased FF12, I hope that this runs on my PS3 idc, otherwise I'll be screaming for blood!

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steve said...

Uh-huh - obviously this is all about cost-cutting. I bet they won't reduce the price in Europe though. I would have thought eventually this model will end up getting produced for the other regions too if it really is worth them doing this